Is Depression the Common Cold Of Psychopathology?

Depression Counselling

Depression is now referred to as the common cold of psychopathology because of the way that it has been growing in popularity. It is now considered a common knowledge that a range of different people are experiencing around the world. Information on depression is available anywhere and is now considered a public health problem. The symptoms and effects of depression are severe and will take a toll on everyone’s lives in one way or another. Whether those areas are social, work related, psychologically or health related there have been many cases in which depression is the foundation of a problem that has grown increasingly worse.

Unfortunately, adolescents and children are just as prone to depression as are adults and teenagers. There are different ways in which a child will experience the “common cold of psychopathology” and it may persist in the form of crying, a lack of interest, decrease in drive or motivation, the inability to enjoy a comfortable environment, a repetitive boredom or  lack of creativity or the inability to concentrate. At times depression can be difficult to recognize within a child, being that it’s not always as common in children as they are continually growing and developing. These symptoms may increase and not be treated because of the adult’s unawareness of a child’s state of depression.

It’s also important to recognize that the symptoms that come along with depression in a teenager are also common symptoms throughout the teenage years, but there are major factors that will separate those who are depressed and those who are experiencing an identity crisis. These factors need to be recognised and often online counselling can help.  Teenagers that are affected by depression will suddenly separate themselves from their usual crowd, or grow to be anti-social. In adolescents that are experiencing the common cold of psychopathology there may be an increase in the amount of anger that is expressed, an aggressive mood, and an increase in feelings of insecurity, a change in eating habits, acting restless and running away. Do note that if there is depression resulting in an adolescent that it may not always be because of their environment; it is also very common as a maturation process but it should still attended to. It’s important that you do not use pharmacological medication to treat children because it is most likely to increase the amount of depression that they are experiencing.

It is proven that delusions are common in the case of depression, when the depression is a major and intense disorder. This is called major depressive disorder and it will produce the same symptoms of a regular depression disorder, to a greater extent. The delusions that are present may result in beliefs that are false even if evidence is provided to the individual that is being affected. Those who are enduring psychopathology may conceal their delusions because they are afraid of sounding “crazy.” This will increase the self harm that the individual may produce and it should be attended to with immediate care. If you are aware that depression is the common cold of psychopathology, then do know that it isn’t permanent and it can be treated.

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