Financial Causes of Depression in Women

The Financial Casues of Depression

Everyone in this world suffers from financial problems at some or the other point of their lives. Sometimes, one has to borrow some money, in order to fulfill our day to day needs.

Research has shown that nearly half of the people with debt problems, suffer from some or the other from of depression, or at least a few symptoms of depression. Women are more susceptible to depression caused due to financial problems. Depression causes feeling of hopelessness as well as negative emotions. In many of the surveys, it is found that nearly sixty percent of women felt that their level of debt was bad, and they felt that they were incompetent to solve their problem. Women also have greater tendency to think about their debt problems. This also caused high stress levels in women.

Women suffer from unipolar depression, and this can lead to eating disorders as well as self injury. It was earlier believed that women were not likely to suffer from depression, as they were more likely to seek help and talk about their financial problems. In recent times, this myth has been busted. That is why women must be particularly careful about their health, and if they feel that they suffer from any of the symptoms of depression, they should get immediate help.

Now, depression is an illness that affects you entirely including your body, thoughts appearance, and even eating and sleeping patterns. Women often feel that talking about their problems may lead people to think that they are weak. And if they talk about debt problems, people will think that they cannot manage their money well. But what they don’t realize that without treatment, they will not be cured. They cannot do anything all by themselves, and they need help, if they wish to get well completely.

The symptoms of depression are felling of anxiousness, loss of interest in day to day life, excessive crying, and feeling incompetent or hopeless, excessive sleeping or insomnia, suicidal thoughts, loss of appetite or overeating, lack of concentration or mania.

To cure depression in women, psychologist often recommend anti depressant drugs. These drugs start affecting the person only after a couple of weeks. They have to be continued for a couple of months, or as long as the doctor prescribes. These drugs are not addictive bit may cause certain side effects.

If the woman is suffering from mild depression, then antidepressants should be avoided. It can be cured with the help of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is really effective to cure mild forms of depression, and the patient is less likely to suffer a relapse. However, psychotherapy requires a longer time to be effective and there are a lot of counselling websites where you can get counselling online today.

Besides this, women should also make certain dietary changes as well as try to change their surroundings. They should consider visiting their relative’s place or go out with friends. Exercising and meditation also helps. Women should also talk about their financial problems with their close friends and relatives. They will be able to offer support and arrangement.

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