Higher Rates of Depression in Women

Online Depression Counselling for Women

Women are God’s most beautiful creation. They are the carriers of mankind. They are houses of strength yet they are suffering in a major way today. A recent study shows that most of the patients suffering from Depression are women. Have we given a thought to the fact that why are these powerhouses themselves in need of strength today?

There are various factors that have contributed to this problem spreading in Women. One major factor being society which has a lot to do with the psychological conditioning of women and the lack of quality online depression counselling. The way women are brought up has a lot to do with their mental condition. In-fact women ar conditioned since childhood to behave in a particular manner and also to suppress their needs and desires for the family and in general others. This suppression of ones freedom , desires and needs do make women idols of sacrifice but they also leave a scar in their minds and souls. After all they too are human beings. Unfortunately they dont know how to think about themselves this makes them lose their identity. In later stages of life this pushes them into depression as their own family members do not value them and their decisions. These women feel they have no importance and are not needed thus such mentality causes depression.

Biologically too women are different from men. We all know that physically men are stronger. Thus women are always v careful about their physicality. There are so many women with whom unfortunate cases of molestation have taken place. This is one of the major causes of depression in women. The society is so hypocrite that instead of being a source of strength to the victim it harasses the victim all the more. The criminal goes Scot free while the poor victim suffers humiliation and disgrace at the hands of the society throughout her life. The society treats the victim as if there is nothing more left for the victim to live for. The victim is given no chance to start a new life. Thus this pushes the victim in oblivion and becomes a major cause of depression.

Another cause of depression in women is the biological changes that a woman’s body goes through at various stages of  life. At every stage of her life there are various hormonal changes taking place in her body i.e from puberty to motherhood to various other stages. These hormones sometimes play havoc and cause an imbalance in the body and thus they sometimes become a cause of Depression in women. As hormones are very strong and their imbalance in human body can either causes physical disturbances or mental disturbances. Mostly it is the latter that is caused.

Certain Psychological factors like thinking that we are the weaker sex and also that we are born to make sacrifices for the family and society also lead women to frustration and ultimately depression. It is this conditioning of the mind that finally plays havoc to the brain. Thus this psychology of the woman needs to be changed from the time she is a girl. She is asked to take a backseat in life always so that the male members of the family can achieve what they want in life. Thus this makes her believe that she is a second grade citizen. This psychological grooming of the girl child finally pushes her into depression when she grows up and constantly looks down upon herself.

Thus as the article elaborates on the various causes of Depression in women it strangely also highlights the issues and problems faced by women. So the least that the society can give back to this wonderful creation of God is respect, love ,affection and  most importantly a feeling of being wanted. We need to build on their self – esteem and make them emancipated to boost their self confidence. If we succeed in doing this I am sure there will a steep fall in the cases of depression among women.

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