Does Online Counselling Really Work? The Answer is Yes!

Online Counselling

Lately I’ve seen a few of these online counselling services whilst browsing the web recently. Considering I live in a pretty remote area and my choice of counsellors and psychologists is quite limited locally, I thought I’d give it a try.  I checked most of the online counselling services I could find online and only a few looked trustworthy. After spending the better part of my morning clicking through profiles and trying to decide which one of the services I should use, I finally found one that looked pretty good to me.

Easy To Use Online Counselling

The first thing that struck me about this online counselling service was the ease of use. The counselling website asked me four questions and then I was presented with a list of counsellors and psychologists that were matched to the mental health issues (namely depression and anxiety) that I was looking to get help with. I checked three out of the 10 psychologists and counsellors that were matched to me and I certainly found a good psychologist in a female counsellor that had a lot of experience in the mental health areas I was looking for. I was finally ready to get some counselling online.

Online Counselling Service
Online Counselling Service

Booking the Online Counselling Appointment Was Simple

I simply clicked on her appointment calendar to see what times she had available that would suit me and considering I usually put the kids down for a sleep between one and three in the afternoon that’s primarily what I was looking for and also one of the reasons I wanted to do on my counselling. I was able to get an appointment the next day for the time that I wanted and at a price that I found more than acceptable. After making the booking I got a reply from the psychologist in about half an hour to confirm the booking and I was very happy with that sort of quick response.

I payed for the appointment, got my receipt and went about me day. The next day at 1 PM, once the kids were in bed, I found myself a nice quiet spot in the lounge area downstairs and set myself up on the couch with my laptop. I opened the link that I received in the email after payment and it took me to an online counselling session directly in my browser that didn’t require me to install any specific software.

My 1st Online Counselling Experience

I was greeted by René, and she had a really nice demeanour and I was immediately put at ease. She started by asking a few questions about my background and the specific issues that I really wanted to cover during the course of our counselling sessions. And once we began getting into my specific feelings that have been causing my depression and my anxiety, I really felt like we were beginning to make some progress.

Types of Therapy Used

It was clear that she was using some form of specific therapy with me, but she didn’t state that specifically. When we finished the session I decided to have a look online to see what type of therapy available and to see if I can identify exactly what she is doing with me. I found a lot of information on cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing and mindfulness therapy. I’m not an online counsellor myself, but if I was to guess I’d say that she was using cognitive behavioural therapy with me.

My Verdict

Overall my first online counselling session with a very pleasant experience and I’m looking forward to our next appointment next week. Like any form of therapy I’m sure that having an affinity with your counsellor or psychologist is very important and I feel grateful that I’ve found that with her.

Considering that I know I can access this online counselling service via video consultation, telephone counselling and real-time chat counselling, it really seems like they’ve got everything covered as far as mental health support in all its forms online.

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