What About a Shortage of Vitamins and Depression?

Depression and Vitamins

Are you aware that a shortage of vitamins and depression may be linked, especially if your body isn’t receiving enough nutrients from the food that you are eating? There are certain multivitamins that will steadily boost your mood at keep it consistent if you digest vitamins and all of the necessary ones into your body every day. If you’ve yet to recognize the importance of the “b- complex vitamins,” then you are not digesting a vitamin that increases your emotional and mental consistency. These nutrients cannot store itself in our body significantly and it often depends on our diet; but, it can be destroyed easily with alcohol consumption, with an excessive amount of sugar and a lot of caffeine which isn’t uncommonly consumed with each day.

Thiamine is a vitamin that helps the brain to change blood sugar into fuel so that we can use it resourcefully. If our brain doesn’t convert this glucose into bodily fuel then we may undergo a lot of fatigue, depression, anxious feelings and suicidal thoughts. This may also result in memorization problems, a decrease in appetite, problems sleeping and digestive problems. Sugars will leave the body starving for thiamine, or B1. A shortage of Niacin or the vitamin b3 will result in an individual who experiences psychosis and agitation. They may not be as sharp when it comes to reaction time and their bodies may feel tired or slow.

Vitamin b5 deficiency will result in a lot of stress and depression, being that it maintains our hormones and the amino acids in our brain. Vitamin b6 is also a nutrient that helps us and our amino acids to increase the healthy proteins in our body and keep our hormones consistency. This is one of the most important of supplements being that it is needed to keep the melatonin and dopamine working in full force. There may be an increase in confusion and skin problems with a lack of pyridoxine (vitamin b6.) A shortage of vitamins and depression is linked because it will lead to a bodily deficiency in the proteins and the extra nutrient that our body needs to deliver messages appropriately and at the time in which we need it most. When our mind and our body are not in sync with each other then we will misconstrue ourselves and grow more confused because of or inability.

Vitamin B12 is vital because of the way that it affects the red blood cells within our body. Without b12 our moods may swing immensely and we may experience more mania or loss of appetite. The vitamin b12 is also known for sustaining our “youthful” appearance. If we are short of folic acid then we are not producing illness fighting antibodies, as we are exposed to bacteria often. If we are not eating correctly we will also experience a lack of folic acid. Women who are undergoing a pregnancy are highly recommended to taking folic acid so that they are receiving enough nutrients for themselves and their baby.

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