Symptoms Of Depression

Symptoms of Depression

It is a hard truth that women are more prone or susceptible to depression than men. Thus, the women have a tendency to go into depression at a young age and experience depressive occurrences that last for a longer duration and may even reoccur more often. Women may usually develop a seasonal pattern of depression or symptoms of a classical case of depression. Irrespective of gender, many depression patients may assume that they can manage the depression without any assistance from anybody. They believe that a professional or a psychiatrist will prove to be of no help. They can also misinterpret the low risk attached with medical treatment of depression. Although the treatment for depression may occasionally have infuriating side effects, including anxiety, sleeplessness, lethargy or diminishing sexual desire or libido, yet none of them is very serious. These non-life-threatening and troublesome side effects will decrease with time. The female patients develop signs of depression regardless of traditions, customs, citizenship and socio-economic status. There are numerous reasons mentioned for developing symptoms of depression in women. These signs in women vary from emotional or psychological symptoms like feeling miserable to biological or physical signs of depression like pains and aches that cannot be explained by medical science.

Psychological Signs of Depression in Women

The commonest sign of clinical depression in women is the feeling of despondency and repeated mood swings. An annoyed and low mood that hardly ever leads to hilarity, smiles and delight is believed to be an indication towards depression. In few cases, the women can even get into suicidal tendencies after long period of illness. The women going through a phase of depression may possibly become indifferent and may lose interest in favorite music, hobbies and favorite doings. Sexual desire can also be reduced in some cases.

Noticeable changes in self esteem are the obvious indication of women suffering from depression. This depressive phase can be characterized by radical weight gain and feeling lethargic in performing simple actions. The phase of depression may further be distinguished by the emotion of considering oneself a useless mother. These emotions may come with feelings of guilt. The women who are suffering from depression may eventually lead to constant crying and that too without any reason. Another psychological sign of depression is lack of focus and motivation. In this frequent events of mood swings occur along with feeling lost, lack of concentration, partial memory loss and facing difficulty in taking sound decisions.
Physical Signs of Depression in Women

Few of the most apparent signs of depression occur as physical problems. Noticeable fluctuation in weight and appetite are the initial signs of depression. Depression causes an increase or decrease in appetite which in turn brings a change in eating habits leading to weight gain or loss. In addition to these symptoms some signs are related to the health of women. The biological transformations in women’s body can also be a cause of depression in many cases. The hormonal changes during pregnancy or menstruation aggravate the possibility of depression. Even women, about to reach the menopause stage experience frequent changes in their temper.

Digestive problems, pains and aches that do not get cured even after proper medication are also a sign of depression in women. Severe loss of energy without even doing any physical activity or becoming extremely slow in work is an evident sign of depression. Changes in sleeping pattern that is staying up late or waking up early is also an obvious sign of depression.

Symptoms in Pregnant Women

Though pregnancy depression is prevalent since ages, it has been few years only since its acknowledgement as a medical problem. Now women are being encouraged to discuss about it freely without shame. Many women, during their pregnancy, suffer from certain level of depression. In some, it becomes a very severe problem while others are not much affected. There are few reasons that may incline a lady to depression. Problems such as relationship problems, major life changes and financial issues should be avoided during pregnancy. These can prove to be risky and may take the female to depression. Other common causes of depression in pregnant women are previous miscarriages, a history of infertility and cases of depression prior to pregnancy in the past.

The symptoms of depression can be observed in pregnant women from the time of first sign of pregnancy. These can take place at any point of time during pregnancy. As the hormone secretion varies throughout the three stages of pregnancy, episodes of depression may come and go. The symptoms of depression during pregnancy include extreme exhaustion, change in eating and sleeping habits, feeling of despair or gloom, incessant crying, mood swings and lack of concentration. If any of the above mentioned symptoms are observed, it is possible that the lady is going through pregnancy depression and not just a regular mood swing.

Simple Tips to Overcome Depression in Women

Healthy eating habits are very helpful in overcoming depression. Apples and bananas are identified mood changer and help in alleviating the negativity and thus depression. One banana in a day for a span of two to three weeks is advisable. Healthy green vegetables, fresh fruits, proteins and fiber should also be included in the diet. Exercise is really important in the treatment of women in depression. It has to be a light exercise like a nice walk or stroll or a 20 minutes running on a treadmill. The women suffering from depression should include exercise into their daily routine and give it a priority. Sometimes lack of interest in looks and poor hygiene can also be a sign of depression in women. Thus by giving importance to one’s appearance can prove to be helpful in the recovery of depression. Painting the toenails or getting a hair cut done or going for a makeover or taking a hot bath for refreshment are only some of the ways. All these simple tips can help a woman in distraction and thus coming out of depression