Why Do Women with Depression Avoid Looking for Professional Help

Help for Women with Depression

Even in the current era, when Feminism has expanded its wings all over the world, women have yet not come out of the shackles of male domination and gender inequality. The case is true for both educated as well as uneducated women. Though Mary Wollstonecraft wrote about ‘Vindication of the Rights of Women’ as early as in the eighteenth century there was not much change in the perspective of society on women’s condition. In fact French feminist Simone de Beauvoir had to write about women’s’ position in today’s society as ‘second sex’ i.e. much inferior to men.  The root cause of torture and cruelty towards women is basically antipathy of women towards their own welfare. It is generally observed that many women avoid looking for depression counselling even when they are in utmost need of it.

Mentally and physically women are not weak as they are made out to be. It is due to the ever sacrificing nature that they have been conditioned to by the patriarchal society that women are unable to come out of the shell they have been in, for years without any successful attempt on their part to come out it. Right from childhood a girl is always relegated to the backburner when it comes to providing with privileges to a son and a daughter. A daughter is given many boundaries which she is expected to abide by till the time of her marriage. After marriage new boundaries are set by her new home comprising of husband and his family members. In this way right from the beginning women’s condition is like a transfer of property, wherein one owner transfers or sells the land to the other owner along with the title. If Marx was alive today, may be he would have written on marginalization of women in his base and superstructure model. From time immemorial women – whatever is their position are always treated as inferior being compared to their male counterpart. The suppression of women in the society happens not only by the men, but also by the same gender, i.e. by women themselves. Thus enclosed in a trap with an inescapable route, most of the women prefer to suffer silently and when the saturation point is reached, they end up taking a drastic step, by taking their life. Many Women who Avoid Looking for Professional Help, and end up being isolated or recluse in a society or in extreme cases end up in taking their life can be saved if treated with a professional help.

If women’s status in society is to be changed and brought to equality with male gender, the transformation of outlook of our patriarchal society is very important. From the old generation of people to the younger generation, all need to reflect back and think about the restrictions and responsibilities imposed on women right from the time of her birth. When a physical abuse is committed again a girl child, it’s termed as a stigma for entire life of that girl and she is ostracized by the society; thus her future becomes bleak in her childhood itself, drawing her towards inferiority complex and a soft target for future sexual attacks. This is the reason behind all the concealment of child abuses happening in many households. Even when the culprit is known, the other people in the family prefer to keep mum, fearing the negative repercussions of the act. Thus right from childhood a girl is conditioned to keep mute in the cases of physical and mental abuses. Due to this mentality many women avoid looking for professional help even when inwardly they are desperate to seek it. If the attitude and general apathy towards women could be changed, we can expect a difference in the position of women and can hope for their general betterment in all the aspects of life.

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