Women’s Victimization, Sexual and Physical Abuse as Causes for Depression

Depression in Women

Due to the life pattern of today, we can find that the number of depression patients is increasing day by day. Depression is now not found only among adults but also in children these days. Depression can differ from person to person and also due to the gender. What has been seen is that women are more prone to depression than man, but the causes of depression and pattern of symptoms are also different. There are various factors which contribute towards depression in a woman like reproductive hormones, social pressures and also the way female responds to stress.

Every area of life can get disturbed due to depression. It can affect the social life; family relations, career and you will have doubts about your self-worth and purpose. Depression is quite common in women in particular. In the event of depression you will feel guilty, sad, tired and kind of lonely while you have people around. But the best part is that the depression is treatable and more you understand about the implications and impacts on women, it will become easy for you to tackle the condition. Depression treatment can be accessed online using a variety of online counselling services.  Some of the symptoms of depression in women are depressed mood, loss of interest in the activity you like, feeling of guilt, hopelessness and worthlessness, thoughts to commit suicide, appetite and weight changes, lack of energy and fatigue.

It is been noticed that women have twice the chances of depression as compared to men. It’s been seen that two-to-one difference persist across racial, ethnic and economical divides. In most of the countries of the world the difference in rates of depression in gender has been found. There are number of theories which have been which are try to explain the reason for higher rate of depression in women. Various factors have been considered like biological, psychological and social factors.

Sexual and Physical Abuse – It has been noticed that physical and sexual abuse can play a role in depression in women. It can cause both physical trauma and psychological trauma. The biggest effect that a women need to face due to sexual violence are reproductive health, mental health and social wellbeing.  As it is known that girls are more likely to be sexually assaulted as compared to boys and the research which have been done say that girls who have been sexually abused during childhood, have an increased changes of depression in adulthood.  Also women who are beaten up by their girls or women who have been victim of rape and crime that are exclusively committed against women, the chances of depression also go very high.

Victimization – Women and girls who have been victim of rape faces both physical and psychological trauma. For rape victim the most common consequence of sexual violence are related to reproductive health, mental health and social wellbeing. The victims who are in childhood and adulthood are likely to commit or attempt suicide. The woman who is a victim of rape has to face various issues related to culture and society, which is a very big reason for depression. As due to society and cultural reason victim may face isolation from friends and family, these secondary victimization causes depression.

The treatment which needs that needs to be given to a women suffering from depression is the same as everyone else is treated. The treatment which needs to be given is psychotherapy and antidepressant therapy. Apart from these two treatments there are some special treatments which can be considered for women in depression. There are some modifications which need to done in regards to some specific aspects of treatment, while treating depressed women. These medications are done due to the biological differences, like while giving antidepressant lower doses are recommended to a women patient as compared to a male patient. There are number of side effects which women can experience, so there is always a need that the medication needs to be monitored very closely. There are other conditions as well for which a woman requires a simultaneous treatment; those conditions are anxiety disorders and eating disorders.

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